Please don’t hesitate to call us at 804.972.4070 or email us, but here are some FAQs to get you started.

  • 1.At the Event
  • How many crew members will you have at our event?

    For most parties of up to 100 guests, your pit master and another server can easily accommodate your guests in a timely and efficient manner. For larger parties, we bring a team of 2 or 3 experienced BBQ crew members. We always bring enough extra help to ensure your event goes smoothly. Servers are included in the price we quote you for your event. There are no hidden pit master charges, gratuities, or clean-up fees.

  • Do you provide beer and alcohol for your parties?

    No, we do not. Our specialty is barbecue and we’re not licensed by the Virginia ABC. We are happy to recommend a beer and wine server or a bartender to complement your event. All licensing and applicable laws are to be observed by the event host.

  • What makes you different from BBQ chain restaurants?

    Unlike the chains, we don’t prepare your food days ahead of time and reheat it when it’s time to serve you. We at Piedmont Smokehouse don’t consider that fresh prepared BBQ and certainly don’t expect you to either.

  • How about Insurance?

    We carry a $1,000,000 liability policy. Our insurance gives you the option of having your event at a local or state park.

  • 1.Cost
  • What determines the cost of my event?

    Three main things will affect your cost:

    1. Size of your party
    2. Menu you select
    3. Location of the event

    There are no hidden charges in the price we quote you: It includes the servers, the eating utensils and plates, as well as the cleanup. Of course, if you would like to tip our servers for excellent service, that is completely up to you.

    For events under 75 people, we can still work from a custom menu—just give us a call at 804.972.4070 or send us an email.

    Overall, our clients find that our prices are comparable to what other local barbecue caterers offer, and our food, service, and attention to detail are unsurpassed. See more details at our Prices page.

  • Do you charge a mandatory gratuity?

    We at Piedmont Smokehouse do not believe in charging a fee and calling it a gratuity, and so, unlike most of our competitors, we do not charge a mandatory gratuity. We feel that it is up to our clients to reward superior service and quality BBQ as they so choose. A little extra something is appreciated, and it is shared with the entire crew that works hard to make your event a success.

  • I can get a hamburger for under $4. Why do I have to pay more for your barbecue?

    Our prices are competitive with other barbecue caterers. We offer only the best local fresh foods. We don’t cut corners. We come to you and provide a complete experience with all the trimmings. Our hamburgers are cooked with the best possible cuts of fresh, locally grown meat with delicious seasonings and delectable sides. There’s really no comparison, especially when you consider that we deliver everything and serve it too.

  • 1.Location
  • Where can we have our party?

    You can have your event just about anywhere our mobile BBQ trailer can travel to. We have done events on the beach, at hospitals, at many local parks, and corporate locations.

  • How much space do you need for your trailer?

    We cook from a custom 20’ trailer. With the tow vehicle, we need a 40’ x 10’ space so we can safely park at your event, back in, and pull out. We’ll discuss this with you when you book your event. Our goal is safety and maintaining the premises in the exact state we find them. We’ll treat your property like it was our own—just don’t ask us to back into areas that are difficult to access or anyplace where we will damage the grounds or our equipment.

  • 1.Timing
  • When will you get to my event?

    We’ll discuss serving time with you and make sure that we come in plenty of time to set up our equipment and cook your meal so that you and your guests can enjoy a fresh-cooked barbecue served hot off the wood-fired smoker at the desired time.

  • How long will you be on site?

    For most parties, the pit master will stay on site throughout the cooking process. The Piedmont Smokehouse team will be on site through serving and cleanup. We normally feed groups of 150 in under an hour.

    Our goal is to provide excellent service for your event! If you need servers or cleanup crew to stay for an extended visit, we can arrange for that too!

  • How far in advance should I book my event and how do I ensure you will hold my date?

    Please feel free to book as early as possible to have the best chance of getting the date you need. We require a deposit and a signed contract to hold your date. If we don’t have a planned event already for the date of your event, in a pinch we may manage to assemble everything for your event with 72 hours’ notice (you may not get the exact menu you wanted, but we will try to accommodate – just call 804.972.4070.

  • Can I change my date?

    Generally, the answer would be no. All of our dates are important to us. When we reserve your special day, it gives you the confidence to know we will be there for your event. It also prevents us from booking another party on that day and losing other business opportunities.

  • What about bad weather?

    Piedmont Smokehouse is a rain or shine operation! For outdoor events, please make alternate arrangements for an indoor serving and eating area. The weather can be unpredictable, especially during the spring and fall months. If it rains, don’t worry—we’ll still provide you with fresh food right on time.

  • Can I change my menu or guest count?

    If you would like to change your menu or the guest count, we’ll try our best to accommodate your needs. We will try to make menu changes with a two-week notice, and adjust your guest count with a one-week notice.

  • 1.Miscellaneous
  • What is BBQ?

    Barbecue: verb, a method of cooking - low and slow barbecue or smoke roasting: A method of cooking involving the roasting of food in a closed oven or in open air, in the presence of smoke created by the combustion of hardwood. Other sources of smoke can come from using tea and herbs. Most often applied to meat, including poultry and seafood, but can be applied to vegetables and other foods. Heat is transferred mostly by convection and temperatures at the same level of the meat are usually in the 200-300F range.

  • What’s the smallest crowd you will do an on-site barbecue for?

    We’re geared to give the best value for the dollar for crowds of 75 or more. We’re happy to provide great foods for smaller events. The price for our most popular menu selections are good for parties of 75 or more. Smaller parties cost more per person because the labor, fuel, and other expenses remain the same. If you book an event for 75 or more and the total falls below 75, there is an additional surcharge to cover expenses.

  • We are a registered non-or not-for-profit organization. Do you offer special rates for us?

    Yes we do! We often work with churches, hospitals, and other civic groups. We always try to give a discounted rate to these organizations as a "thank you" to the community. Ask us about ways to help out at your next fundraiser or other special benefit event! Please provide 501-documentation when we book your party.

    Note: Please also be aware that a Virginia re-sale tax number is NOT valid as an exemption for sales tax on services. Without a copy of your 501, we will have to charge state sales tax for your event.

  • Where are your customer testimonials?

    We don’t list them. Obviously, we could say anything about our food and service! We feel that our client list speaks for itself! References are available by request.