On-site Full-Service BBQ Catering

PS_trailer_smallerWhat can you expect with on-site full-service catering?

It is simply cooking BBQ the way it was intended: on-site. We bring the to cooker to you. Everything is prepared at your event.

As a bonus, our pitmaster is always willing to give an impromptu barbeque lesson.  Wow your guests with something truly unique.

We set up our custom smokers and cook everything directly on your site. We only use hard-wood to smoke our meats—never propane. The great aromas of hickory, red oak, and apple wood combine in a heavenly aroma with the smell of pork, brisket, or chicken. On-site barbecuing gives your guests the true experience of the BBQ tradition. If you can’t smell the smoke, it’s not the real thing. Everything is cooked low-n-slow—the way it’s supposed to be, on-site in front of you and your guests.

Check out our FAQs about the space we’ll need for our smokers, or for information on how to plan for your on-site, full service catered BBQ event.

At Piedmont Smokehouse, we truly believe no guest should go home hungry.

Over the years, we have made friends with wedding venues and photographers and we can help you plan out your whole day.

Going Whole Hog

If you choose the whole-hog option for your on-site catering event, then we will showcase the pig, in all of its smoked glory, to the crowd prior to pulling and chopping all of the delicious pork BBQ for your meal.

Grilled Food Event
A Grilled Food Event allows you to treat your guests to a mouth watering array of grilled foods prepared by our expert grill-masters. Grilled food events are perfect for large events, neighborhood parties, or as a non-smoked meat menu option for your party or event.

Once your guests have been served, the Piedmont Smokehouse team will clean our service area and leave you and your guests to enjoy the rest of your event.

References are available upon request.

Contact us or go to our menus page for event ideas.