Grilled Food Event

BBQ Catering by Piedmont Smokehouse in Richmond, VirginiaPreparing excellent barbeque is a slow process. In fact, that’s exactly the definition of barbecue – “food that is cooked low and slow over smoke”.  Even though barbecue is the perfect menu for almost any event, occasionally limited time for an event may make barbecue impossible. If you find that your event is limited in time, fear not. Piedmont Smokehouse can provide a grilled food event for you and your guests.

Piedmont Smokehouse provides special rates for church functions, civic groups, and other non-profit organizations.

A grilled food event allows you to treat your guests to a mouth watering array of grilled foods prepared by our expert grill-masters. Whether your menu includes tender steaks, custom hand-made hamburgers, succulent chicken, juicy brats, sausages, franks or Italian sausages, you and your guests will be wowed by Piedmont Smokehouse’s grilled foods.

Piedmont Smokehouse uses only the highest quality meats available. All of our hamburgers are hand-made from fresh ground beef and then cooked to perfection. Our steaks, chicken and sausages are chosen from the best products available.

Interested in a grilled food event? We can help you with planning the menu. From the main course to the sides and condiments, let Piedmont Smokehouse provide the grilled foods for you next event. Why, we can even provide grilled foods at your barbeque event for those guests who want something a little different.

Grilled Food Events and Barbeque Events are generally held as separate events. However, if you would like a combination barbeque/grilled food event, we can provide it.       A combination event requires an additional charge of $200.00. This is because a combination event requires the hiring of a grill-master in addition to a pit-master.

Sample pricing of a grilled food event only:

One hand-made hamburger 1/4 lb., one hotdog, 2 sides, 2 buns…….$9.95

One hand-made hamburger 1/4 lb., one Italian sausage, 3 sides, 2 buns…….$13.50

Note: Menus can be planned in any combination. The choice and number of entrées and sides is up to you.

We will do everything possible to make your event a success and affordable.

References are available upon request.

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