Your BBQ Event

Whatever the event, no matter the size, Piedmont Smokehouse makes it special.

Our pitmasters don’t just cook the best barbecue in the region; they create a BBQ experience for you and your guests.

We serve the entire central Virginia area,





What is BBQ?
Barbecue verb a method of cooking

Low and slow barbecue or smoke roasting: A method of cooking involving the roasting of food in a closed oven or in open air, in the presence of smoke created by the combustion of hardwood. Other sources of smoke can come from using tea and herbs. Most often applied to meat, including poultry and seafood, but can be applied to vegetables and other foods. Heat is transferred mostly by convection and temperatures at the same level of the meat are usually in the 200-300F range.

The Food

All of our meats are smoked or grilled on-site to perfection. We use our own special rubs and marinades to make a delicious barbecue menu that we know you and your guests will enjoy. We provide all the traditional sides too. All menu items are designed to complement the unique flavor of authentic Virginia style pit cooked BBQ: coleslaw, potato, pasta, broccoli and fruit salads, and our own unique recipe for smoked pit beans, cooked in the BBQ pit for a wonderful smoked flavor!  We can usually meet any special side dish request as well…just ask.


The set up

What can you expect with on-site BBQ catering?

Here’s what happens:

It is simply cooking BBQ the way it was intended: on site. We bring to cooker to you. Everything is prepared at your BBQ event.

As a bonus, our pitmaster is always willing to give impromptu BBQ lesson.
Wow your guests with something truly unique and special!

 We set up our custom smokers and cook everything directly on your site—start to finish. We only use hard-wood to smoke our meats—never propane. The great aromas of hickory, red oak, and apple wood combine in a heavenly aroma with the smell of pork, brisket, or chicken. On-site barbecuing gives your guests the true experience of the BBQ tradition. If you can’t smell the smoke, it isn’t the real thing.  Everything is cooked low-n-slow— the way they’re supposed to be, on-site in front of you and your guests. Check out our FAQ about the space we’ll need for our smokers.

At Piedmont Smokehouse, we truly believe no guest should go home hungry.


Going Whole Hog

If you choose the whole-hog option, then we will showcase the pig, in all of its smoked glory, to the crowd prior to pulling and chopping all of the delicious pork BBQ for your meal.


Once your guests have been served, the Piedmont Smokehouse team will clean our service area and leave you and your guests to enjoy the rest of your event.

Piedmont Smokehouse LLC provides fine BBQ catering and concession service for a wide variety of corporate, family, or club events such as:


  • Weddings/church functions
  • Rehearsal dinners
  • Backyard barbeques
  • Block parties/family reunions/ birthday parties
  • Graduation parties


  • Grand openings
  • Banquets
  • Business lunches
  • Holiday events
  • Employee recognition
  • Tenure/retirement
  • Staff luncheons


  • Apartment/condo parties
  • Golf tournaments
  • Class reunions
  • Social club functions
  • Fundraisers

Information about planning for your full-service catered BBQ event.

Please contact us via email or phone if you have any questions not covered here!