Wedding Catering Made Perfect with Barbecue

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Congratulations on your engagement during this busy season! For sure you have plenty of things on your mind at this time, but make no mistake, the catering is always at the top of the list for almost everybody. The food is a key part. Always! Whether it’s a formal or informal wedding, you must serve great food to your guests. Of course you can choose from plenty of food options, depending on the guests you will be having and their preferences, but the fact is that, you’ll never go wrong with BBQ.

If you are looking for the finest wedding catering in Richmond VA, then call Piedmont Smokehouse today. A family owned business, Piedmont has been doing wedding catering for many years now. Pit Master Chris McPherson has vast culinary experience, having worked in restaurants in New Orleans, Steamboat Springs, Flagstaff, Austin and New York. Piedmont Smokehouse serves authentic Virginia style barbecue and artisanal delights to those who want only the very best.

It’s not just about the food. Everything about the wedding catering in Richmond VA has to be perfect for it to be a memorable event. This includes the plates and utensils, service, clean up, décor, and of course the selection of the venue and the actual food. The rustic chic décor goes very well with the BBQ, but you can go for picnic weddings as well. So remember, work with the wedding caterer while selecting everything, including the venue and décor. You will give your guests the ultimate wedding food experience.

wedding catering richmond va

The Food

Yes, there are other important factors too, but of course the food is always going to be the most important thing. Most caterers will offer you a menu, but remember, it’s always best to work with somebody who offers you plenty of options to choose from. In other words, you should be able to customize the kind of food you want to serve. Look at the meat options. How many do you see? And what about the variety. If your caterer is offering you a lot of variety, then you can be sure of the expertise, because only somebody with a lot of experience and confidence would offer you so many choices.

You should also look at the sides, sandwich sauces and spreads, the gourmet rolls, breads, and finally the drinks. Don’t neglect any area because you will want to make the wedding catering Richmond VA the perfect thing. Always talk it over with your caterer. Make sure that you are selecting the right BBQ catering Richmond VA combination. Remember, not every sauce and bread will go with every meat. Don’t rush it. Take your time while you are making the decisions. After all, it’s not every day that you are planning for a wedding. It demands your complete attention.

Beautiful BBQ Buffet by Piedmont Smokehouse

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