Celebrate Independence Day with BBQ

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Independence Day. The 4th of July. The day we celebrate the wonder and beauty that is America. What better way to honor our forefathers than with the most American of celebration foods – Barbecue!

From the fire-y to the sweet, and from white to almost black, across this great nation is a beautiful rainbow of…barbecue.

Here in Virginia – pork is king. We can’t get enough pulled pork, pork spareribs, chopped pork and baby backs.  If you head down to Texas, its all about the beef – brisket of course. Have you ever seen a beef rib? They look like dinosaur bones. Ever seen a Tri-Tip? Yeah, me neither. Down in Alabama, chicken is the queen – Alabamanaians (sp?) even created their very own regional sauce made just for chicken.

The sauce rainbow starts with Alabama white. Alabama is BBQ famous for it’s fabulous white barbecue sauce – a tangy mix of mayo, vinegar or apple juice and pepper – made especially for chicken. Kansas City’s thick and sweet sauces can be almost black from molasses, while South Carolina has a lovely “Carolina Gold” mustard-based BBQ sauce. North Carolina likes to keep it simple with a spiced pepper vinegar, while St. Louis and Memphis like a mix between the Kansas City and NC – its redder, thinner and tangy!

Pitmaster Chris makes all of the Piedmont Smokehouse BBQ sauces from scratch – at every on-site catering event, we always bring three regional sauces; Piedmont Smokehouse offers a traditional North Carolina Vinegar sauce, a Memphis-style red BBQ sauce, and our locally famous from scratch South Carolina-style mustard BBQ sauce.

Give Piedmont Smokehouse a call for any Barbecue Catering in Richmond, VA. We also serve most of Central Virginia. If you prefer, email us your selections for a custom menu and we will call you within one business day to discuss. If you are interested in a good old fashioned pig pickin’ (whole hog bbq roast), we need at least a two-week notice.

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